Animal Control: Common Problems with Rats and Their Best Solutions

Rats are adaptive animals capable of getting into impossibly tight spaces. Their destructive behavior may result in all sorts of problems for homeowners. Here are some common problems you’ll find with rats and the correct ways to deal with them.


Chew Electrical Wiring

Rats need to chew on things to keep their teeth honed. It’s an instinctive behavior, but can be frustrating when they target your electrical wiring. The solution to this problem is simple: seal up all openings that are the size of a quarter or larger so that no rats can get inside and get access to your wiring.

Endanger Pets

Unfortunately, if you have rat problems, your pets may be at risk. That’s because rats will attack predators much larger than them, especially if there is a horde of them around. Rats like to eat cat and dog food right out of your pets bowl, which could cause them to spread diseases to your pet. Keep your pets quarantined or in a room where they can be monitored, until you have the rat problem under control.

Leave Behind a lot of Fecal Matter

Dealing with rats themselves is a problem, but so is the aftermath that they leave behind. It is estimated that rats poop between 10-30 pellets per day. This problem is only exacerbated when you have a rat colony living in your home. Even more, there are plenty of diseases that are associated with rat feces and urine, causing you and your family to get sick if you don’t handle this problem correctly.

The safest way to deal with rat feces is to hire Florida animal control experts. Their protective equipment lets them remove pellets in a safe manner so that diseases don’t spread or cause harm to your family. After the feces are removed from your property, they’ll go in and disinfect the area. That way, you truly know that your house is in a livable condition once more.

Pests like rats are problematic if you don’t have any experience with them. Fortunately, professional services that specialize in Florida rats can remove them from your property and offer solutions that prevent them from getting back inside.

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