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Don’t let raccoons damage your home or pool!

Florida homeowners are always facing problems with raccoons year round. Other than rummaging your trash, pooping in your pool and making a lot of mess, raccoons are also known to bite and scratch people when disturbed. Despite causing these troubles, you can have them removed from your home or pool area in a humane way.

Fall is the best time to get rid of raccoons to avoid separating the young from their parents, otherwise the little ones would starve to death and their mother would wreak havoc in and around your home in their search for their young.

For safe and humane raccoon removal services, Rat Busters is the name you can trust! Not only can we eliminate these raccoons from your home or pool area through our Raccoon Removal services, but we can also protect your home from these furry little trespassers with our Raccoon Exclusion services.

Plus, you can get $50 OFF when you use our Raccoon Removal and Exclusion services! Numerous Boca Raton and Florida homeowners have already protected their homes from raccoons – now, it’s your turn!

  • Promo is valid from September 15 to November 31, 2016.
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