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Fruit rats in Florida, also known as roof rats, are one of the worst intruders of homes in the state of Florida and the humane removal of Fruit Rats happens to be one of our specialties. We have experience in protecting fruit trees and we also know several precautions you can take to ensure the fruit rats in Florida do not affect your fruit yield or enter your home. People work hard to grow fruit and with that being the case, most people are not willing to let fruit rats destroy their finished product. Also, the fruit rats Florida folks notice are just a part of the problem; there are usually many more rats than just the number they are seeing. With Florida fruit rats causing such a major problem in this state, make sure to follow these steps to avoid having them in your home

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-Putting tree guards up works if you have trees that are not next to any buildings, wires, fences, or other trees. These guards should be placed around your trees and they need to be at least 18 inches wide and exceed the diameter of your trees by a minimum of two inches. Through the use of these guards, it is very difficult for fruit rats to inhabit the trees or use the trees to get onto your roof and enter your home

-Make sure to pick up all of the fruit that drops from your trees each day. When you leave this fruit on the ground, it is as though you are ringing a dinner bell for these rodents!

-Constantly prune your trees to make sure the limbs are not hanging closer than 18 inches from the ground. Also, make sure you prune your trees in a way that makes it so the ground can be seen from the upper branches of the tree. By doing this, you will make it so the fruit rats will not feel safe as they can easily be seen by predatory animals.

-Avoid capturing or killing snakes that live within the proximity of your fruit trees. These snakes eat the fruit rats and killing them off will allow the rat population to grow at a faster rate. Keeping snakes around also helps to deter fruit rats from residing in the area.

-If you do have a fruit rat infestation, make sure to contact us to come out and we will implement our exclusion services and set up some rat traps. With fruit rats primarily living up in trees and observed running across wires and fences, we know that setting up these traps along the ground can be more of a problem for other animals in the area. Our fruit rat traps can be set up in a way that is sure to get fruit rats caught as opposed to other animals. Fruit rats primarily come out at night and the last thing you want to hear is a bunch of rats scurrying around in your attic while you are trying to sleep. Call 844-BYE-RATS now and say goodbye to the rats in your home for good!