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Florida Rats

Florida palm rats are the most common nuisance wildlife problem found in Florida. Also called roof rats and fruit rats, these palm rats in Florida homes are constantly causing Florida residents heartache. Fortunately, the Rat Busters Team is always available to get rid of an infestation! Palm rats Florida residents find in their homes are not always seen, but rather there are signs that they are there. For example, some people may find droppings in their home or even gnaw marks on the roof, around vents and throughout their home. The rat droppings are shaped like little brown bananas and are large than mouse dropping (usually ½ inch to 3/4 inch in length). These gnaw marks are generally seen along wooden structures, food packaging, or even electrical wires. Having such vile, destructive and disease ridden creatures living in your home is never a good and it is important to get them out as soon as possible! Call Rat Busters now 844-BYE-RATS and get rid of your rats permanently.

Impact Human Health

Similar to most rats found throughout the world, palm rats have been known to have a bunch of different diseases that can have a negative impact on human and animal health. With diseases such as leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, the plague, salmonella, and murine typhus having been spread by these rats at one point or another, coexisting with these rodents is not an option. Controlling the infestation is the best option available.

Rodents Prevention

Palm rats can be hard to control but using a service such as the Rat Busters can make your life a whole lot easier! These rats are some of the best climbers in nature. With this being said, the roof of your house is a hot spot for entry points. Sealing up the spots that these rats might get into your home is a major step in making sure your home is palm rat free. We have seen people that have used metal, concrete, or even steel wool to keep the palm rats outside. Taking anything that may be easy to climb off of your house can also really help with avoiding or controlling a palm rat infestation. Vines are especially easy for these rats to climb! Food sources also play a major role in attracting and keeping palm rats. By taking the food sources out of the equation, you may be able to starve them out. Without any food, they will have to resort to finding a new source of food away from your home. Airtight containers are very good at keeping food fresh, and they also keep the rats from going in your cabinets in search of food. You can also make it so they have a harder time nesting by trimming shrubs and trees that are found on your property. If the infestation becomes a real issue, make sure to contact the Rat Busters and we will come right out to get that rat problem resolved! Call Rat Busters now 844-BYE-RATS and get rid of your rats permanently.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Rat Busters!

When you call Rat Busters, you will chat with one of our friendly customer service specialists – we are available 24/7 so call us now! We will give immediate help if you find a living or dead animal in your home or business. Our Licensed & Insured Wildlife Management Specialists are available for emergency service at 844-293-7287.
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