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Not all animal trapping companies are the same. The strange thing is you generally find one of two extremes when dealing with other animal control companies. The first extreme is the “redneck” guy who works by himself, shows up an hour late, if he shows up at all, in a beat up pickup truck with beer cans on the passenger side floor board and you’re not really sure you feel comfortable even inviting him into the house. The second extreme is the gigantic nationwide franchise companies, with hundreds of trucks all across the U.S. who only care about how much money they make on each visit and charge you super inflated rates to cover all of the overhead it takes to maintain their huge corporate structure. At either extreme you are the loser with unreliable or massively overpriced services.

The Humane Approach

We perform raccoon removal Boca Raton residents are ranting and raving about! Our raccoon removal is free of poisons and chemicals. As a result, we are able to catch these trouble makers and release them. We do not kill the raccoons, instead we take them and relocate them to areas that they will no longer pose a threat to people. We perform raccoon removal Palm Beach homeowners can count on! Traveling a little distance to safely relocate a nuisance animal such as a raccoon is not something that we are strangers to and we are more than happy to do it if it means making a customer happy and being able to save an animal. We know that raccoons can be rather scary, so if a customer calls us to remove one of these animals, we’re there as fast as possible!

Rodent Trapping

Opossums are actually a nuisance to both homeowners and trappers! There are many times that we set up raccoon or armadillo traps and catch opossums. The problem is that raccoons and opossums have diets that are very much alike, making it likely that we will catch an opossum in a raccoon trap. These animals are also rather curious, meaning in the case of a trap that is not using bait, they are likely to get caught. Setting traps for raccoons or armadillos isn’t too difficult but the fact that the opossum can cause so much trouble by getting caught in a trap that is not even meant for it really makes this pest bothersome for us as well! Call 844-293-7287 now and say goodbye to the opossums in your attic for good! We use safe and effective animal trapping methods for homes in Florida.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Rat Busters!

When you call Rat Busters, you will chat with one of our friendly customer service specialists – we are available 24/7 so call us now! We will give immediate help if you find a living or dead animal in your home or business. Our Licensed & Insured Wildlife Management Specialists are available for emergency service at 844-293-7287.
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