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Raccoons in Florida homes are never a good thing and if this is a scenario you find yourself in, you should definitely seek professional help. Florida raccoon control is not as uncommon as you might think. Raccoons are found throughout Florida and live nearly anywhere that has trees and bodies of water. Urban areas typically have raccoons living in them as well as a result of these creatures being scavengers. There are many times that a full trash bag is torn to shreds by a raccoon Florida residents wish was living somewhere else. Although the cleanup is a bit of a hassle, the fact that there is a raccoon rummaging through your trash is something you should be even more concerned about. Florida raccoons are not only a nuisance, but they can be dangerous as well! Call 844-293-7287 now and say goodbye to the raccoons in your home for good through our safe animal trapping techniques!


While finding a raccoon in Florida is not uncommon, being knowledgeable enough to know how to get rid of one without getting injured is not as common as you might think. An adult raccoon can be anywhere from 24 to 38 inches long and weigh more than 23 pounds, making them bigger than most house cats! These animals are known to bite and scratch dozens of Floridians every year because of the fact that they live so close to people. Over the course of 2007 throughout 2012, there were over 1,500 Florida residents that had been scratched or bit by raccoons. These creatures have even been known to attack dogs and other pets. The masked raccoons Florida homeowners find themselves faced with can be a challenging opponent, but calling a professional service such as Rat Busters can make a world of difference because they will humanely solve the problem for you.


We know that these animals can showcase some truly aggressive behavior at times, making them one of the more dangerous animals we have to deal with regularly. There is no research that is done on raccoon by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and they do not come to take care of raccoons that are causing trouble for homeowners. The only time that they are willing to come out to see a raccoon problem is if the raccoon is claimed to be acting in an aggressive manner or exhibiting odd behavior. Rabies is a big problem with raccoons and vaccinations are necessary for people that have been bitten or scratched. While the vaccinations are affordable, no one wants to go through the trouble of having to get a rabies shot. Although people in the United States rarely die from rabies as a result of the rabies shot being so easily accessible and affordable, being bitten or scratched by one of these creatures is not something that should be on any Florida resident’s to-do list! Call 844-293-7287 now and say goodbye to the raccoons in your home for good!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Rat Busters!

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