Rat Busters realizes that the presence of nuisance wildlife in homes and attics is not only an inconvenience but also a risk to human health and safety as well. Aside from the property damage these animals can cause, there is also the matter of contamination from feces and urine. It is for this reason that we now provide services to clean and disinfect attics and insulation throughout South Florida and the Boca Raton area after an animal control situation has been contained.

Of course, one of our main goals as a wildlife removal, prevention and trapping service is to minimize damage first. Once the species causing problems has been identified, our technicians will employ practical, humane and environmentally acceptable solutions for removal and prevention of re-infestation, if necessary. After that, we will perform an assessment of the level of contamination to determine what methods of cleaning and disinfecting will be necessary to restore safety and function to an attic and the home itself.

Most of the time, areas that have been infested by nuisance wildlife will only require simple vacuuming and disinfection. However, if the level of contamination can be deemed severe, other measures of cleaning might be recommended. For instance, attics that have been significantly damaged and contaminated might need a more thorough disinfection. It might also be wise to remove completely saturated and damaged insulation to prevent the spread of animal borne diseases. Any insulation that is beyond simple vacuuming and disinfection should be replaced with new insulation.

Rat Busters field technicians are certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. All are our employees are more than qualified and competent to handle any wildlife removal needs from palm rats to feral hogs, and we have the necessary licenses to prove it. We are insured for your protection as well.

Rat Busters specializes in trapping and removing all nuisance wildlife in humane ways in that we do not use harmful chemicals or sprays to do our job. We also relocate animals removed from homes when possible. Aside from trapping and relocation services, we also offer wildlife entry prevention services. We serve all of Palm Beach and Broward counties.