For many homeowners, the back yard is a sanctuary to come to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. This peace is disturbed when possums get in the area, and they forage around and potentially destroy the plants and flowers you worked so hard to grow. Remove these opossums from the equation before it’s too late.


Identify the Problem

Identifying an opossum problem should be your first priority. These creatures enjoy areas near tree crevices, wooded areas, underneath decks, and brush piles. After rummaging through your garden for nesting sites or food, there will be some tell-tale signs left behind. Look for droppings, overturned garbage cans, and tracks. Opossum poop is sort of identical to dog poop, only it tends to have tapered ends and is sually a little smoother.

Since possums are nocturnal, they’ll be more active at night. This makes them hard to see, but you can remedy this problem by setting up some lights around the garden. Hit the on switch if you hear any suspicious noises outside or if your pets start acting up outside. You can then identify them if they are present.

Use Animal Control

Since the opossum is mischievous and sometimes hard to track, it’s smart to hire a professional. Animal control experts in Boca Raton, FL can use durable traps to relocate these pests. Some areas actually require that licensed wildlife control experts remove these creatures because of potential diseases and their sometimes aggressive behavior.

The trapping cage is large enough to house more than one opossum and it is baited. The type of bait doesn’t really matter because these creatures are opportunistic feeders; they pretty much eat anything the pest control specialist sets out for the night. The trap is placed in a shaded area so that the animal doesn’t overheat if animal control can’t make it out to your property until later in the day.

In order to outthink the opossum in Florida, you need to remember how they live and understand what attracts them in the first place. Only then can you safely deal with these cunning creatures, going back to your normal way of life again.

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