Dealing with roof rats is important not just to prevent disease from spreading, but to keep the infestation of rodents from growing quickly. The following steps offered by animal control experts make rat removal a simple process so you don’t have to live in fear.



You first need to inspect your home to see how bad the rat infestation is. Look for red flags, including rodent feces, tracks, burrows, runways, urine stains, rodent sounds, or already dead rodents. Rodent feces look like black or brown grains of rice, averaging around 3/8 inches long. You can tell if the feces is fresh by its color. If the color is not dark, the rat was recently in the area.

Dogs and cats are very in tune with their senses, and they’ll get stirred up if a rat is near the area. Check the food pantry as well, seeing if bags of food have been tampered with. Search low traffic-areas of your house too, including closets and especially attics for roof rats.

Pest Control

If there are signs of roof rats in your home, act fast and seek the help of Palm Beach animal control professionals. These experts use effective trapping methods to rid your home of the vermin as quickly as possible. The quicker they are trapped and removed the less damage their will be to your home.  Trapping is also more advantageous than other methods because it does not involve poison. That means you don’t have to worry about rodents dying from the poison in inaccessible areas of your home and causing nasty and foul odors.

Once the rats are eradicated from your property, sanitation begins. This prevents bacteria and diseases from spreading within your home. Rat feces and urine are removed, and then the area is disinfected. To prevent rats from coming back, the pest control experts explain ways you can make sure food items are properly stored and sealed. Clutter like newspaper and cardboard scraps should also be removed so that rats have no place to nest and breed. All entry points, including near the windows, doors, and attic, and roof are sealed up.

The sooner you act, the easier it will be to remove roof rats in Florida from your home. Trust in a pest control service to handle these rodents in a manner that is safe for everyone.

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