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Muscovy Duck Removal

Muscovy Duck Removal - Professional Muscovy Duck TrappersMuscovy Duck Removal is often needed when the population of this non-native species becomes so overwhelming that they begin to overtake a local pond and leave an unbelievable amount of duck droppings all over the neighborhood.  Sidewalks, driveways, children’s play areas and pool areas can become so soiled with their feces that it becomes nearly impossible to enjoy your time outdoors.  This is due to the fact that these duck are prolific breeders and once born do not migrate like most ducks.  Instead they become permanent mess making residents of your back yard!

This problem is often exacerbated when well meaning neighbors decide to start feeding the ducks and cause them to begin to make your yard their normal congregating area. Often times there is conflict between neighbors about what to do with the ducks once they have begun to unknowingly make the problem worse by feeding them.

In addition to the sheer nastiness of their feces being so thick that you can’t even walk without stepping in it, the feces is also a vector for the transmission of diseases such as,

Unfortunately the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission does not remove Muscovy duck and the job therefore falls to the landowner, tenant, or a nuisance wildlife trapper who is an expert in muscovy duck removal.

It is actually illegal in Florida to release muscovy ducks.  Check out more information from the Florid Fish and Wildlife Commission’s webpage regarding Muscovy Duck Regulations. BTW, Rat Busters is listed on their website as approved trappers!

Of course, if you decide you need help removing muscovy ducks from your property we are here to help.  We have numerous ways to capture these ducks quickly and effectively. We have on many occasions, removed a large quantity of ducks, humanely, in a very short amount of time. Call Rat Busters at 844-293-7287 to learn more about how we can solve your problem and take care of your muscovy duck removal needs today!


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