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iguana_removal_iguana_trapperIguana removal is something that we get A LOT of calls for because of how many iguanas have taken over in certain areas. Unfortunately these animals are an invasive species here in south Florida and have very few natural predators to help keep their population levels in check.

Iguana’s tend to burrow into the side a canal ditches or close to water during nesting season and each female iguana can lay up to 65 eggs over a 3-4 day period.  With this number of eggs it is easy to see how the iguana population can quickly explode in a short period of time.

Conflicts occur when iguana’s begin to encroach on home owners shrubs and flowering plants as they will devour them in short order. Being a creature that likes to be close to water, we often get calls of iguanas literally taking over pool areas of private homes as well as community pools. Unfortunately they can leave large droppings and quite a mess all around the pool deck and make it not only unsavory but also unsafe. One of the diseases that can be passed from iguanas to humans is a strain of salmonella that is very different than that which most humans encounter in food. These passed on in reptile feces has been known to cause symptoms that can be mild but also potentially lethal. Even mild strains can sometimes cause death in people with immature or compromised immune systems, like young infants or toddlers as well as the elderly, elders who have compromised or immature immune systems such as infants, toddlers, and the elderly or anyone with an illness.  That is why it is best to have iguanas removed from your yards, lawns and pool areas.


Stitches after IGUANA BITE

Iguana’s will generally try to escape and hide if you attempt to catch them yourself and will cause massive damage with their sharp teeth and claws if you handle them incorrectly.  We strongly advise that you not try to handle iguana’s on your own i you have not been trained to do so with the proper safety gear in place.

We know how to help you take care of your iguana problem quickly, easily, and humanely. Just give Rat Busters a call at 844-239-7287 and we will trap and remove the iguanas from your yard and help you reclaim the areas that they may have previously taken over.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Rat Busters!

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