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Opossum Extermination Boca Raton

Opossum Extermination Boca Raton

Opossum Extermination Boca Raton

Opossum extermination Boca Raton residents appreciate includes the type that uses traps as opposed to using chemicals because of the fact that opossum trapping allows us to remove and release the animal. This is a more humane way of dealing with these animals and as a result, we are able to make sure we do not disrupt the environment by killing off the opossum population. There have been cases in which a live opossum traps Boca Raton housewives outside of their homes as a result of the terrifying feeling of fear that they are experiencing. These animals can be rather scary, showing an open mouth when they feel threatened. Imagining a group of scared housewives looking at an opossum in the living room and screaming paints a picture showing just how threatened an opossum might feel in this scenario. Call 844-293-7287 now and say goodbye to the opossums in your home for good!

We help with attic opossum extermination Boca Raton residents need. Opossums are not a pest that can be gotten rid of by simply spraying poison and even if there was a poison that would get rid of these critters, we would not use it. We are a service that avoids using poison or chemicals because we care about our customers and the environment they live in. Controlling an opossum Florida residents are scared of is something that we have no problem doing. There have been numerous times in which we have found an opossum in Florida, caught it, and released it back into the wild successfully.

The Florida opossum problem is quite large, but they are one of the easier animals to catch. Florida opossums become a serious issue primarily if they are inside of a house. When they are found outside, they are a lot easier to catch. The problem is if they are in a house, they can get inside the walls, or even in the attic. Opossums in Florida are rather unpredictable and with this being known, there is no telling where one will turn up! We have heard of people that have had opossums in their garbage cans, backyard, living room, bedroom, attic, and even the back seat of their car!

Opossums are actually a nuisance to both homeowners and trappers! There are many times that we set up raccoon or armadillo traps and catch opossums. The problem is that raccoons and opossums have diets that are very much alike, making it likely that we will catch an opossum in a raccoon trap. These animals are also rather curious, meaning in the case of a trap that is not using bait, they are likely to get caught. Setting traps for raccoons or armadillos isn’t too difficult but the fact that the opossum can cause so much trouble by getting caught in a trap that is not even meant for it really makes this pest bothersome for us as well! Call 844-293-7287 now and say goodbye to the opossums in your attic for good! We use safe and effective animal trapping methods for homes in Florida.

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