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Roof Rats Florida

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Roof Rats Florida – Trapping & Prevention

Roof rats Florida residents are aware of in their homes need to be handled as fast as possible. There are two types of rats that live throughout North America; the roof rat and the Norway rat. The roof rat is not even native to North America, but rather these rodents come from southern Asia. They first came to North America on some of the first ships that sailed here and over time, these rats have managed to travel all over the globe and their populations have flourished. As a host for murine typhus and credited with carrying the bubonic plague, these rats are nasty vermin that no one wants living under their roof. Generally identified by color, three sub-species of roof rats Florida residents encounter most often are known: the black rat (Rattus Rattus Linnaeus) is black with a gray belly; the Alexandrine rat (Rattus Alexandrines Geoffroy) is brown with gray streaks, also known as “agouti”, with a gray belly; and the fruit rat (Rattus Frugivorus Rafinesque) has an agouti back and white belly. The Norway rat is known throughout the United States, but the truth behind them is that they are not so common in Florida. You’re much more likely to uncover roof rats in Florida if you have an infestation. Norway rats are sewer inhabitants and more common in big cities than in this part of the country.

Roof rats Florida homeowners encounter typically come into a building by climbing trees that are near windows or other openings. While they are usually found living in trees, vegetation, and shrubs in the wild, they love to invade our homes and inhabit places that they feel are safe and high above the ground such as inside of walls, sheet rock, cabinets, ceilings, and even attics. Call Rat Busters for your FREE ESTIMATE now. 844-BYE-RATS

You may not have ever seen roof rats in Florida, but they typically range from 12 to 14 inches long and weigh between 5 and 10 ounces. Their bodies are smooth and they move around with a certain amount of grace. Looking at their ears and eyes shows that they stand out because they are rather large in comparison to their small heads. A roof rat Florida residents might see will either be black with a gray underside, gray with a lighter gray underside, or a slightly browner gray with a white underside. Although Florida roof rats are seen with these three color patterns, this does not mean that you will always see a Florida roof rat when you have an infestation.

The truth of the matter is that rats are not usually seen unless there are a lot of them inhabiting your home or business. If you do see one scurrying across your floor, make sure to contact us as soon as possible because the infestation is much bigger than what you are seeing. When you see one rat, this could mean that there are hundreds within your walls and these pests can really cause a lot of damage to your home or business. These critters breed all throughout the year and with 5 to 8 rat pups being born per litter and the gestation period being around 3 weeks, female roof rats have been known to have up to 5 litters of rats per year! That means that just one female rat can have 45 baby rats per year. With this being known, it is important to contact professionals immediately upon seeing even one roof rat in your home, office or commercial building. Call 844-BYE-RATS now and say goodbye to the rats in your home for good!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Rat Busters!

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