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Rat Control In Florida

Rat control in Florida can be difficult, but it is not impossible! It can be hard to control an infestation on your own, but the experts at Rat Busters know precisely what needs to be done. Rat Busters is licensed and insured by the State of Florida. Our Wildlife removal specialists are Florida State Certified with their Limited Commercial Wildlife Management Certificates. If you call other companies ask them to show you a copy of their “Commercial Wildlife Management Certification” from Florida’s Department of Agriculture or their GHP license.  Many “Wildlife Removal” companies in the state do not have these licenses/certifications even though they are required to have it by State Law in order to commercially perform rat trapping and removal. By hiring a Florida State Certified “Wildlife Specialist” from Rat Busters, you are investing in someone that is knowledgeable and working to keep you, your family, and your home safe. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, Roof Rats, also known as Attic Rats, Palm Rats, and Fruit Rats are the worst offender when it comes to nuisance wildlife for people living in Florida. It is important to make sure that the rats that live in this state are not in your home or business because they can really create a lot of costly property damage and potentially spread disease to your family or guests. For the Best Rat Control In Florida Call Rat Busters now at 844-BYE-RATS

There are many diseases that are transmitted by rats. When looking at the feeding habits of these vermin, they are very damaging. Their nesting behaviors have also been known to have negative effects on the structure of buildings that have serious infestations. With this being said, rats are usually not seen often and if there are not a lot of rats in an area, they typically remain hidden and make it hard to know that they inhabit the area. Nonetheless, expert rat removal services are needed to keep them at bay.


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Knowing whether you have an infestation can be as easy as seeing rats in the area, but if you do see them, the infestation is probably very bad. Space is a major factor for rats and the only time they are seen is when there is a serious lack of it. You may also notice rat droppings, proving that the rat population is healthy and well fed. Grease or dirt marks may also be observed on the roof fascia, around vents, attic joist, floorboards or even the walls, demonstrating how nimble these rodents can be.

These signs of a rat infestation are not always observable and if they are not, it is important to look around to see if there are any rat runs. Rat runs are usually seen in low vegetation and grasses and they allow the rats to forage for food. You may also be able to find a nest. Finding a rat nest can be as easy as checking the attic, loft, or some other dark and isolated area. If you are looking for the presence of an infestation, make sure to check closely for gnawed plastic, wires, insulation, vents or wood. Rats constantly gnaw on these materials and if there are large holes in walls, attics or floorboards, these are some obvious signs.

Some people may wonder, “Can a rat control Florida?” Well, this can happen if something is not done about the rat infestations and this is a constant battle. Through Florida rat control it is possible to stop the spread of these pests, but as seen with their early arrivals to North America, these critters are able to carve out a home nearly anywhere they go. Call Rat busters to remove them from your home or prevent them from entering your home! For the Best Florida Rat Control Call Rat Busters now at 844-BYE-RATS

Who Ya Gonna Call? Rat Busters!

When you call Rat Busters, you will chat with one of our friendly customer service specialists – we are available 24/7 so call us now! We will give immediate help if you find a living or dead animal in your home or business. Our Licensed & Insured Wildlife Management Specialists are available for emergency service at 844-293-7287.

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